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Rating Methods

Population Factors    

More detail on HAPLR Index Methodology.

Nationwide public library statistics are collected and disseminated annually through the Institute for Museums Libraries and  for public library data. Statistics are collected from nearly 9,000 public libraries.  The web site is at:  http://www.imls.gov/

The HAPLR Index includes 15 factors. The focus is on circulation, staffing, materials, reference service, and funding levels. The Index does not include data on audio and video collections, or interlibrary loan, among other items that could have been calculated from the IMLS data. Perhaps most prominently absent from the data are any measures of electronic use or Internet service. While such measures would have been desirable, the data simply are simply not sufficient for such comparisons at this time. Internet, electronic services, and audiovisual services are excluded because there is simply not enough accurate data reported by enough libraries to make comparisons meaningful. What remains are fairly traditional data for print services, book checkouts, reference service, funding and staffing. It is likely that in the future, additional measures can be added to the data to begin to evaluate such other library services as Internet use, electronic services, and non-print services. The data have only been collected on a consistent national basis since 1981. Since then the data have been refined to be more consistent and to include more information. That trend is likely to accelerate, making the additional comparisons possible soon.

Weighting the Factors


Measurement Category HALPR Weight
Expend. per capita 3
Percent Budget to materials 2
Materials Expend. Per capita 2
FTE staff per 1,000 population 2
Periodicals per 1000 residents 1
Volumes per Capita 1
Cost per circulation (low to high) 3
Visits per capita 3
Collection turnover 2
Circulation per FTE Staff Hour 2
Circulation per Capita 2
Reference per capita 2
Circulation per hour 2
Visits per hour 1
Circulation per visit 1



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