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Thomas J. Hennen Jr. -Resume


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Biographical Data

Birthdate: 20 March 1948
Place of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Citizenship: United States

Statement of Professional Vision

Over one hundred years ago, Wisconsin’s first state Librarian, Frank Avery Hutchens had a glorious vision, a vision he shared with Melville Dewey. Hutchens wanted to see a day when one could go to any community in the state and ask not whether there is a library but where it might be located.  In Wisconsin we enjoy the fruits of that vision today. Every Wisconsin resident can point to at least one library as his or her own.  Today our vision should be a day when all Wisconsin residents (or those of any state) can point to all libraries in the state as their own.  With the Internet, not only will they be pointing, but pointing and clicking. Today we need to "Balance the Books and the Bytes."  We need to expand Hutchens' vision so that traditional library services AND electronic services are open to everyone.


1966–1975, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

  •  Master of Library Science, 1975

  •  Graduated in top quarter of class. Named to Beta Phi Mu, Library Science Honor Society

  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, 1972

  • Worked full time while attending, paid own expenses, graduated debt-free.

1962-66, Marquette University High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • High School Graduate, 1966.
    Attended competitive college prep school on partial work-study scholarship. 
    Worked part-time to pay tuition. Graduated in top quarter of class.

Honors and Awards & Professional Activity

  • National Association of Counties Achievement Awards.  A total of nine awards for Waukesha County Library System in seven years. 

  • Chair of Wisconsin Library Association Library Development & Legislation Committee, 2004.  Member since 2001. 

  • Served on the 2002 Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Library Legislative Task Force.  

  • Authored the HAPLR Index.  It is featured in the January and September 1999 issues of American Libraries magazine, as well as the October 2000 and 2002 issues. It has received newspaper, magazine and television coverage all over the country. The article was so well received and frequently requested that it alone was posted on the American Libraries Online web site at: http://www.ala.org/alonline/archive/hennen.pdf 

  • Appointed in 2000 by State Superintendent of Public Instruction to chair the Library Services and Technology Act Advisory Committee.

  • Dr. Alan Bundy, the 2001 president of the Australian Library and Information Association called for the creation of an Australasian index similar to the HAPLR Index in his address, “How Far They Have Come - How Far They Must Go: Australian Public Libraries at Century's End,” at the National Public Library Conference, Perth 14-17 November 1999. At: http://www.library.unisa.edu.au/papers/howfar.htm

  • John Berry, III in his April 15, 1999 Library Journal Editorial entitled "On the Uses of Recognition," citing the author’s HAPLR Index, says that whenever any library is honored, every library benefits. http://www.ljdigital.com/articles/views/editorial/19990415_4450.asp

  • Elected President of the System and Resource Library Administrators’ Association of Wisconsin (SRLAAW) for an unprecedented four terms, 1992 to 1996.  Worked on numerous SRLAAW committees, including the one that revised state aid formula proposal for 2000-01 in a manner that will increase the stability of the formula as well as the per capita distribution element.

  • Invited to provide keynote testimony to the Wisconsin Legislature’s Legislative Council Study Committee on Libraries in 1996.   Frequently provide testimony on other bills as well.

  • 1988 OCLC Invitational Conference on the Future of the Public Library in the 21st Century. -- One of 50 national library leaders selected.

  • Article on "Attacking the Myths of Small Libraries," selected by peer jury for annual publication in Best of Library Literature: 1986.

  •  April 15, 1986 Library Journal news article on page 20 by Editor Karl Nyren. -- Cited as one of three national leaders in rural library service development.

  • 1980 Library Public Relations Council Award received at American Library Association Annual conference for innovative services to library users.

  •   1977. Elected to Beta Phi Mu International Library Science Honor Society.

  Work Experience

  1999-present: Administrator, Waukesha County Federated Library System.

  • Waukesha County Federated Library System is a single county federated library system serving 345,000 residents through 16 independent libraries in Waukesha County.  The total system-wide operating budgets for 2005 are over $15 million (US$).
  • Within first year, brought substantial peace to what was nearly open warfare among the system’s 16 independent libraries.  The libraries voted unanimously to recommend to the Board a revised plan for funding and services.  Prior to that there had been threats to dissolve the system and the state library agency had been called in to conduct a performance audit demanded by the local library boards.  
  • In 2001, a blue ribbon task force made Waukesha County only the second county in the state to adopt required public library standards for its 16 libraries.  
  • National Association of Counties Achievement Awards. NACO provides Achievement Awards in 23 categories nationally.  The library system received a total of 9 awards between 2002 and 2009. 

1983–1999: Administrator, Lakeshores Library System, Racine, WI

  • Lakeshores Library System is a two county federated library system serving 243,000 residents through 15 independent libraries in Racine and Walworth counties. The total system-wide operating budgets for 1999 were over $7 million (US$).
  • Retained a “lean and kind” philosophy. Lakeshores maintained a minimal staff and office overhead so it can distribute the maximum amount of funds to libraries.
  • Organized new system, overcoming severe animosities between some of the library participants.
  • Increased county funding fourfold to make counties better partners with city and village libraries.
  • Maintained intersystem agreements for resident circulation across borders with all systems in the state since 1988.

1975–1982 - Director, Watonwan County Library, St. James, MN

  • Managed consolidated county library system with headquarters and four branches. The total system-wide operating budgets were under $0.5 million (US$).
  • Achieved the highest per capita circulation in the state, increased funding substantially, but retained low cost per circulation and high staff output.
  • Rural service to farmers program was nationally recognized


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Conference Presentations

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  2. An Explanation of HAPLR Ratings.  Cuyahoga County Library System and area libraries.  June, 2008. 

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  19. "Sowing the Seeds of Power" workshops. 1979-87.  Conducted a total of 22 sessions of this continuing education workshop for library associations and systems in twelve U.S. states and three Canadian provinces.
  20. University of Wisconsin Extension Lecturer 1981-83. Conducted two "Focus on the Small Library" courses for a total of 16 hours.

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